Rosecliff invests in rapidly
growing companies that are creating
disruptive technologies designed to make life
better, brighter, bolder, and more efficient.

Rosecliff Ventures

We are a New York City based investment firm focused on venture capital and private equity opportunities. The firm invests predominately in early stage startup and growth equity opportunities. Rosecliff will look to invest in emerging technology companies with strong management teams characterized by integrity, intelligence, experience, energy, and passion.

$500 Million

across all investment funds

$150 Million

Rosecliff IV

$500K – $10M


$1 Billion

by portfolio companies






Technology enabled companies in the financial, consumer, healthcare and software industries


Seed to growth equity, lifetime support to portfolio companies

our portfolio companies


Allbirds is a wool based shoe company that provides customers with running shoes that don’t smell and don’t require you to wear socks. Unlike synthetic fabrics, wool does not retain odors and will freshen just from airing out. In addition, the outer layer of wool fibers have a high concentration of fatty acids, which have anti-bacterial properties.


“The general store for a world in transit.” Cargo gives ride-share passengers the opportunity to purchase some of life’s essentials on-the-go. Whether you’re an early bird, commuter, cosmopolitan, or maintainer, this “store” will have what you need. Drivers are given a new way to earn more and can do so while driving happier passengers.


“Reinventing credit for the mobile generation.” The Petal Card is the solution for the underserved millennial credit card market. Millennials, who love technology and convenience, will now have a credit card providing a digital experience that brings simplicity, transparency and ease of use.


Recycle Track Systems is a licensed waste and recycling company based in New York City. We combine best in class customer service with technology to give our clients a superior experience. RTS was created out of necessity to help fix chronic service issues plaguing the waste management and recycling industry. We specialize in developing waste management and recycling solutions.

Wheels Up

Wheels Up specializes in providing private aviation options for economically reasonable prices. With the belief that existing programs within the industry are doing wrong by today’s consumers and their needs, Wheels Up was founded by Bill Allard and current CEO Kenny Dichter to bring the best parts of private aviation to a new group of consumers.

Juice Press

Juice Press provides their customers with unpasteurized and unprocessed organic produce and supplements. Currently, they offer 59 uniquely bottled beverages and 23 super food smoothies as well as raw foods, hot soups, dried goods, desserts and cleanses. Juice Press has 21+ locations in New York, however, they also sell their products online and ship anywhere in the United States.


SnackNation’s mission is to create a healthier, more productive, and more vibrant you by connecting you with the best, most innovative natural food products on the planet.


Roman’s tele-medicine model enables them to be a provider of E.D medication that is delivered discretely and directly to your doorstep. A pain point for men has been consulting their doctor over the embarrassing topic of Erectile Dysfunction. With Roman, you can get consulted online within 10 minutes and save the trip to the doctor’s office.