Agile Stacks


Agile Stacks is the next generation of cloud automation. They accelerate software delivery and machine learning with composable, automated stacks and automatically generate DevOps code for Kubernetes, micro-services, and AI/ML.



Allbirds is a wool based shoe company that provides customers with running shoes that don’t smell and don’t require you to wear socks. Unlike synthetic fabrics, wool does not retain odors and will freshen just from airing out. In addition, the outer layer of wool fibers have a high concentration of fatty acids, which have anti-bacterial properties.

Ample Hills


Ample Hills makes ice-cream the old-fashioned way – in small, handcrafted batches using fresh, local, and all-natural ingredients.



Banza is a food manufacturer whose first product, a delicious pasta made from chickpeas, is the fastest growing pasta brand in the US. Aside from being lower in carbs and higher in protein and fiber compared to traditional pasta, Banza is also less allergenic and gluten free making it a viable option for all people.

Brad’s Raw Foods


Brad’s Raw Foods, LLC was founded by Brad Gruno after he discovered the health benefits of eating raw. The company produces and sells handmade, certified organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan chips and crackers as well as crunchy kale. Each of their products are raw, meaning that they are never heated over 115 degrees during production, ensuring that the nutrients and nutritional properties are not killed.



A new way to discover beer. Brewpublik is the country’s first curated craft beer subscription and delivery service. With access to thousands of craft beers and counting they are able to prepare custom-made packages for their customers based on exactly what they like to drink. Their proprietary algorithm manages the selections and allows customers to tweak and change their preferences after each shipment.

Brilliant Chemistry


Helping people find side work. There is a great need in many industries for work that requires experience and expertise. Finding full-time talent in these key areas of the job market is and always will be a challenge.



“The general store for a world in transit.” Cargo gives ride-share passengers the opportunity to purchase some of life’s essentials on-the-go. Whether you’re an early bird, commuter, cosmopolitan, or maintainer, this “store” will have what you need. Drivers are given a new way to earn more and can do so while driving happier passengers.



Create1 is a printing company that offers designing and printing of 3D models and photographs.



Cyc is the new beat-based indoor cycling method that combines cardio and strength training, activating the whole body, the whole time.



Mobile platform for connected coaching, disrupting the global instruction economy. Edufii’s technology transforms coaching and the athlete’s learning journey by providing a digital training journal. Edufii’s social learning platform offers athletes and their coaches a one-stop hub for skills development, performance tracking and stronger relationships.



FanAI is an AI-driven Audience Monetization platform focusing on eSports and it’s sponsor ecosystem, increasing sponsorship revenues, and making fan data actionable.



Goby’s created an electric toothbrush that is superior in everyway to the current offering, with a price point that blows the competition away. Goby’s German manufactured bristles clean with more efficiency, clean deeper between the teeth and gum line, and create a more enjoyable brushing experience. Their goal is to revolutionize oral care, starting with what is most important- the toothbrush.



Heyday is a new kind of facial shop. They offer customized facials, curated products, and expert advice. Your One-Stop SkinCare Shop.



Homer has figured out the best way to optimize the food delivery industry in urban environments. By implementing this innovative technology, restaurants are able to offer their customers faster, safer, and cheaper food delivery. This is done through the use of mobile tracking, routing, and communication. They even supply the delivery personnel.

Jack Threads


JackThreads is a men’s online style destination providing a large combination of namesake brands, including its own. Evolving from a flash site for the streetwear community, this brand has evolved into a service that brings both quality and value under the same roof. Their line is comprised of the essential pieces every guy might need and is designed around the core idea that daily style should be simple.

Juice Press


Juice Press provides their customers with unpasteurized and unprocessed organic produce and supplements. Currently, they offer 59 uniquely bottled beverages and 23 super food smoothies as well as raw foods, hot soups, dried goods, desserts and cleanses. Juice Press has 21+ locations in New York, however, they also sell their products online and ship anywhere in the United States.



Keeps is a providing RX hair loss treatment to men. Their tele-medicine model enables consumers to apply online by sending in pictures of their hair and consulting with a doctor online. The medication is delivered discretely to the consumer’s door each month, to avoid the hassle of the pharmacy.



At Leo, we are looking to build a new type of pediatric medical practice taking technology, experience, and design, and combine it with innovative clinical care to create a different patient care experience for parents and kids. Leo is not a traditional healthcare company; it is a technology, consumer products, and customer service company that is looking to combine consumer technology, smart ops and customer service to create a holistic and cohesive practice experience.

Loan Street


LoanStreet offers the first fully integrated online platform that streamlines the process of sharing, managing, and originating loans. LoanStreet’s turnkey solution help: Credit Unions, Banks, Direct Lenders and Loan Investors.

Lyon + Post


Lyon + Post changes the way people buy clothes by offering a shopping experience specifically tailored to buying fashion online. There is no shopping cart, and no checkout process. We provide a members-only service where you simply select the items you want to try on and they show up at your door with no commitment on your part. You keep the items you like and return the rest for free with a return bag included in you shipment.



Neutun is novel tracking software for epileptics through smartwatches and wearable’s that you already own such as a Pebble or Apple Watch. Their technology is device agnostic, non-invasive and utilizes accessible wearable’s. They don’t diagnose epilepsy, they simply provide a seizure tracking tool for people living with epilepsy.



Nuzzel provides a social, real time platform that allows users to see the news that their friends share. Setting up to solve social overload they have created a platform that shows you the top news stories shared by your friends, in a super-easy interface available via web, mobile, and email. Nuzzel provides the right content while filtering out the wrong.



Ollie produces nutritious, ready-to-serve meals meticulously tailored to your pup and delivered right to your door.

Open Sponsorship


OpenSponsorship is the first online platform solely focused on allowing corporates to Search, Connect and Sponsor opportunities within professional sports. Properties are listed and managed directly by the people in the sports industry who ow Our goal is to create an efficient and effective forum for sponsorship by bringing all types of rights holders together so corporates, regardless of size and scope, can plan and implement their sponsorship strategies using OpenSponsorship. n or represent the rights, so corporates are confident they are communicating directly with the correct contact to find the best deal available.



“Reinventing credit for the mobile generation.” The Petal Card is the solution for the underserved millennial credit card market. Millennials, who love technology and convenience, will now have a credit card providing a digital experience that brings simplicity, transparency and ease of use.

Pure Growth Organics


Pure Growth Organics is an organic food company. They are against chemicals and anything that compromises people’s health. Imagine a world where the foods, snacks, and drinks that our children desire are the ones that are the healthiest for them. For an affordable price, Pure Growth Organics offers natural, organic food with absolutely no additives, chemicals, or artificial ingredients.



Platejoy is the provider of personalized meal plans tailored to the consumers needs. Recipes are based off of each individual’s diet and what their goals are or lifestyle requires.



Raden has created smart luggage made from the world’s best materials and sold at an accessible price. With a sleek design, mobile device charger, GPS, and scale their products offer an enhanced experience for all travelers.



RecoverX is revolutionizing injury recover. Their first product is the world’s first smartphone controlled electric cold and heat device.

Religion of Sports


Telling the stories of athletes and enabling a deeper and more positive look into the spiritual and inspiration nature of sports.



Riide manufactures and sells electric bikes specifically designed for the modern, urban professional. Their unique design allows for the rider to pedal, twist the throttle, or do both at once. Move around at 20mph without pedaling, just like you would on a scooter, or pedal to go even faster. With a 25 mile range you can get pretty much anywhere you want to go. They plan on continuing to design personal transportation solutions and the ecosystem that supports them.



Roman’s tele-medicine model enables them to be a provider of E.D medication that is delivered discretely and directly to your doorstep. A pain point for men has been consulting their doctor over the embarrassing topic of Erectile Dysfunction. With Roman, you can get consulted online within 10 minutes and save the trip to the doctor’s office.



Room is the leading marketplace for shared housing and apartments. They help you find roommates you love and flexible co-living options that feel like home. Room right, live right.



Routinely is D2C mobile app that allows users to rent gym clothes. Upon placing an order, clothing is delivered that same day in a time slot selected by the user and is always clean. Users have the ability to select items and the brands. If they like the item they tried on, they can purchase it for a discount.



Recycle Track Systems is a licensed waste and recycling company based in New York City. We combine best in class customer service with technology to give our clients a superior experience. RTS was created out of necessity to help fix chronic service issues plaguing the waste management and recycling industry. We specialize in developing waste management and recycling solutions.



SelfMade helps entrepreneurs and small businesses who want to invest their online brand. By providing professional photo editing services and social media support for their client, the team is allowing for effortless growth in a client’s online following.



Shotzoom empowers the world’s largest digital gold and coaching community through our family of mobile applications. Over 3 million coaches, athletes, and fans in 200 countries rely on our apps to coach, train, and play smarter.



SnackNation’s mission is to create a healthier, more productive, and more vibrant you by connecting you with the best, most innovative natural food products on the planet.



A platform designed to bring efficiency and success to finding commercial real estate and office space.



Tout is an online social networking service and microblogging service that enables its users to send and view 15 second videos, known as “touts.” These can all be sent and captures through various devices such as; smartphones, computers, tablets, and webcams.



Founded by Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson, TraceMe is a platform designed to give “superfans” access to the worlds of their favorite athletes, artists, and celebrities.

“Up close. Original. Exclusive.”



True Facet is a modern alternative for buying and selling jewelry and watches. Their online platform rooted in trust, transparency, and authenticity, where both buyers and sellers get the best value for their item, period.



Trustify lets you hire a trustworthy and affordable private detective, on demand. They connect clients across the United States to a network of highly trained, vetted private investigators. Trustify provides affordable, confidential, on-demand access to experienced professionals – without the typical $2,000 retainer charged by most traditional private investigation agencies.

Our technology provides transparency during the investigation, powering a direct connection between client and investigator. The result of this real-time communication? Cases are solved quickly, efficiently, and much more affordably.



By building smart, accessible, and easy to use devices such as their Twist Speaker lightbulbs, Twist is providing the simplest solution to a brighter and more automated home experience.

Wheels Up


Wheels Up specializes in providing private aviation options for economically reasonable prices. With the belief that existing programs within the industry are doing wrong by today’s consumers and their needs, Wheels Up was founded by Bill Allard and current CEO Kenny Dichter to bring the best parts of private aviation to a new group of consumers.



Viyet is the first marketplace of its kind to provide high-end furniture owners the opportunity to sell their items and allow buyers to benefit from online access to brands restricted to offline showrooms, all sold for between 50-80% below retail. The team is made up of experienced curators who personally inspect and vet every item and delivery is available immediately. Moving or redecorating has never been this easy.



Voyajoy helps you save time and manage your vacation rental. With a focus on helping REITs, real estate investors/developers & traditional property managers they allow for an increase of income with less hassle. Their unique software allows them to leverage data and manage multiple short-term rental units seamlessly and worry-free.



WSC Sports Technologies provides an innovative workflow automation solution for sports media-right owners, from ingestion of live content to distribution of automatically created short-form videos – tailor-made, customized and personalized for every need. WSC’s platform is being used by leading sports media brands to better leverage sports content, increase fan engagement, strengthen fan loyalty, and create top notch marketing and promotional opportunities.



Social Collaboration Tool that brings knowledge from outside of the classroom into the course material. Yellowdig turns the classroom into a learning community where students can learn from any source, anytime, anywhere, and from any device.



YouStake is the first marketplace where fans can directly sponsor their favorite players in poker and eSports while sharing the winnings. Staking has existed as long as most games themselves but fan access has always been limited. They have created a simple and safe environment where fans can provide skilled players the access to capital needed to reach their superstar potential.